2017: The year of adulting

2017: The year of adulting

  • My baby brother was born. It still feels weird to realize I am not an only child anymore. Even after a couple months, it still feels like a whirlwind. I just hope it all settles down soon.
  • Getting my first ‘real job’ as a copywriter. I’m very grateful for this to be my first job, yet I’m not completely happy and that’s something I need to work on in 2018.
  • Going on a mini-holiday with my colleagues and enjoying something like that for the first time.
  • New friendships, old friendships and a whole lot of turmoil and drama. I’ve distanced myself from people but I also made some connections with people that I’m truly grateful for.
  • Visited Brugge (Belgium), Gent (Belgium), Tallinn (Estonia), Tenerife (Spain), Drenthe (The Netherlands) and Paris (France).
  • Went to a music festival for the first time. I hated 80% of the time there, but the Greenday concert was amazing!
  • First time alone on a plane, first time quitting a job, first time seeing a musical, first time committing to a sport (and quitting 3 months later, oops).
  • Really trying to change my unhealthy habits. I stopped eating meat, pure cow milk and pure eggs, I started eating more and more veggies, I move more, I watch my weight (although most of the time, it just makes me depressed), stopped caring so much about the way I look.
  • Watching WAY too much Netflix and not reading enough books.
  • Paying my respects at the funeral for a person who died way too young and never had the ‘luck’ of good health. Feeling very much mortal and being grateful for my body.
  • The year of ups and downs.
  • Working on myself constantly, whether it be my physical health or mental health.
  • Said goodbye to many people but luckily it’s just ‘bye’ and not goodbye.
  • Had my Christmas tree up halfway November and LOVED IT.
  • Looking forward to 2018 and all the love and happiness it will bring.
  • But for now… HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY TO ME!


Hi, glad to see you're here! I'm Noelle and I blog about finding my happiness and everything that comes with it. You can read more about me on this page.

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