Sometimes you just need a getaway

Sometimes you just need a getaway

Even if it’s only a weekend…

Hello there, long time no see. This is somewhat of a life update.

I must admit that blogging isn’t the first thing on my list in everyday life. Not because I don’t want to, but because my creativity has completely dried up. Sometimes it saddens me. I used to write three posts a night, being completely immersed in the creative proces and having so much fun putting everything together. Now I’ve seem to have lost it a bit.

However, just because my pen hasn’t hit paper in weeks, doesn’t mean that i’ve been staring at the walls. 

Recently I went to Bristol, UK. This was part of a trip, which was both very exciting and nerve-wrecking. The whole point of is that you only discover where you’re going at the airport. As a very dull person that loves micromanaging, I would like to know where i’m going, thank you very much. 

I have to admit, when Bristol popped up as our destination, I wasn’t thrilled. I only know Bristol from the tv-series Skins, which isn’t a good (yet, so entertaining) example for anything.

However, Bristol has blown my mind. It’s pretty, it’s cozy and it’s tiny. It was exactly the getaway that I needed. 



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