Summer, I miss you

Summer, I miss you

I guess it’s part of the human design to always want something else than what you have. Back when it was summer, my sweaty butt and I couldn’t wait for temperatures to drop.

Right now I am looking out the window. Rain is pouring down, the wind is making so much noise even my noise canceling headphones can’t take it and It’s cold. Not just regular cold, but unable-to-warm-up-unless-you-take-a-shower cold. And I miss summer. I crave sunlight like it’s chocolate.

So I thought: why not share my favorite photos that I took last summer. I love this set. Probably because I felt so relaxed that I took a nap on the floor after taking these. Like a house cat. No regrets.



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  • Asmara

    February 10th, 2019 8:46

    Pff kan ook echt niet wachten :(


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