[uh-tach-muh nt] 

[uh-tach-muh nt] 

[uh-tach-muh nt]
a feeling that binds one to a person, thing, cause, ideal, or the like

You know that moment when a superficial friend becomes a close friend and you can really feel a deep connection? Yeah, I live for that shit.

That conversation that makes you think ‘wow, we get along so well, we’re on the same wavelength and everything’. When the walls you’ve build up just come crashing down and you feel like you could share all of your mind with that person.

It makes you feel so accepted and loved, it’s almost addictive.



Hi, glad to see you're here! I'm Noelle and I blog about finding my happiness and everything that comes with it. You can read more about me on this page.

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