22 life lessons I learned in 22 years

22 life lessons I learned in 22 years

When it comes to wisdom, I definitely realize I’m not quite there yet. But when I look back on the past years, I know I’ve grown quite a lot.

So to finish up my 22nd year on this ball in the sky, here are 22 lessons I learned in my 22 years.

1. Most people you worry about, will never see you again. This especially applies to public places and parties, let’s hope that soothes your social anxiety just a bit.
2. You don’t have to like everyone you meet and you don’t have to invest your attention in everyone that comes along. Be picky.
3. Speak up. If you don’t, nothing will change.
4. Pay attention to nice things. Smell the flowers, take a walk. Little things like that.
5. Don’t feel shame for the things you like. Guilty pleasures are only guilty because people are fucking judgemental.
6. Do as many fun things as possible. Life is short. Go to bed late.
7. Get your priorities straight and get that work/play balance right.
8. Get your priorities straight in every other part of your life. Be mindful what you invest your energy in.
9. Learn to be alone without being lonely.
10. Cheesy but true: do things that scare you. Maybe don’t immidiatly invest in bungee jumping or skydiving, but everything is possible in baby steps. Just remember that you can always leave when things get too much.
11. Think about your goals. What do you want this year, in the next 5 years, or maybe even in the next 10 years? Write it down.
12. If you say nothing, people will think you’re rude. This one is dedicated to me and my social anxiety. Sometimes its hard to say simple things like ‘happy birthday’ or ‘i’m sorry for your loss’, but if you don’t say anything, people will think you don’t care.
13. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.
14. Eat. your. veggies. Eating veggies and fruits is the only way to be healthy. Try to include some vegetables or fruits in every meal.
15. Take some time to do nothing. Take me-time.
16. Don’t be jealous, turn that jelousy into inspiration.
17. If something is on your mind, take action. Don’t let that feeling linger too long.
18. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Who really cares if you fail? It’s probably only you.
19. Don’t speak badly about yourself. Words have an impact.
20. My favorite quote: do no harm, but take no shit
21. Be there for people, but don’t forget to protect yourself as well.
22. You can do more than you give yourself credit for.

And with that positive note, I will start my 23rd year on this ball in the sky now.


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