Throw kindness around like confetti

Throw kindness around like confetti

It baffles me how we speak to ourselves. The words we use in our heads are so different than the ones we use for others. If I would speak to a friend (or even just a stranger) the way I spoke to myself, they would probably slap me in the face and never speak to me again.

But when we speak to ourselves, we don’t notice how aggressive and unkind we are. We (or at least I do) jump to the worst conclusion. That I suck at this, That I should have known and that I’ll never be good at it ever, so might as well give up now.

Which is, as you can probably imagine, not very productive. So this year I’m taking steps to be kinder to myself. These include:

  • Affirmations, even if I feel like a fool saying them
  • A gratitude journal, because you can never be too grateful
  • Throwing confetti in my face once in a while (okay not really, but treating yourself is really important, so I’ll just do that)
  • Investing in my skills with workshops and books
  • Investing in my mental health by going to therapy and experimenting with new habits
  • Writing down compliments, because apparently my brain does not save those by itself
  • Prioritizing fun over all the tasks I need to do

And I know I can’t fix my relationship with myself in just one year, but these seem like steps in the right direction. And it really doesn’t matter how fast you run, as long as you run in the right direction.

Also, yeah I know the picture is technically not confetti, but shhh, I love glitter.


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